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product design
product design

Lead Creative for Marketing Team

eSecuritel Device Insurance

eSecuritel (now Brightstar Device Protection) is a mobile device insurance reseller. as lead creative for the marketing department, I was responsible for working with senior executives, account managers, and work directly with clients to produce co-branded and white-labeled products for their stores.


Off the Rack Device Insurance

User experience and design for 2 separate nationwide retailers.

Strategy and Design for "Off the Rack" Device Insurance program.


Branded web based Game

Interactive game for touch screens and mobile devices

Created and designed to be played on a large touch screen at trade show events, the game attracts attention from across the room and engages the audience waiting for a turn giving sales reps the chance to do what they do best.

Too many people at the booth? play on your phone/tablet, its mobile-friendly!


Protect Your Mobile Life

Device Protection Marketing Program

Design and Direction for user experience, print and web collateral. once established this template was used across 50 different brands adapting in requirements and collateral for each client. 

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